Sweating is a natural phenomenon which we deal with on a daily basis. There is nothing wrong with it, however, it can cause unpleasant odour. With adequate hygiene we can significantly decrease this odour. Just like the rest of our body, our feet also perspire. We have most sweat glands on the front part of our feet. The amount of sweat varies from person to person; some tend to sweat more, others less. Depending on the amount of sweat the possibility of bacteria development that contributes to unpleasant odour also increases.


The unpleasant odour that comes from our feet differs, however, from the unpleasant odour that comes from the rest of our body. Sweat produced by sweat glands on our feet contains proteins and amino acids which are an excellent source of food for bacteria. In addition, sweat becomes trapped in our socks and in the lining of our footwear. This means an additional problem as a different type of bacteria, feeding on our dead skin, thrive in these parts of our footwear. This combination can lead to a truly unpleasant odour once we take off our shoes/slippers.




There are several solutions to this issue. First and foremost, the hygiene of our feet and footwear is extremely important. Regularly and correctly washing our feet, changing our socks, drying and using several pairs of footwear are a prerequisite to eliminate unpleasant odour.

There is plenty of advice available on the internet and in useful literature on how to eliminate unpleasant odours from your footwear.

To reduce the possibility of bacteria development to a minimum and the resulting unpleasant odour of slippers we have combined two solutions: 

Incorporation of antibacterial insert extra+ that reduces the possibility of bacteria development •

Ventilation through soles – less sweat is produced in the footwear which means less possibilities for bacteria development and the resulting unpleasant odour •

Using slippers with the combination of both solutions you will reduce unpleasant odour to a minimum or even completely. It is true, however, that each person has his/her own specific odour and sweat, and there is no universal solution to this issue.

Antibacterial inserts and ventilation feature are available on marked products only