Our family tradition of entrepreneurship and slippers production goes back to 1976. Since then, we have been seeking technological advancements, learning a lot, and trying to meet market demands. As for many producers, globalization has brought challenges and some competitive advantages. The latter includes knowing our customers well, as well as their habits and needs. Responsiveness and adjusting our products to the customers' wishes are just one of them. Our products are the results of our production in Slovenia, where we are based. Most of our employees have been with us for several years, and we can proudly say that they have become real experts in the production process. At first glance, slippers seem a simple product, yet it takes some secrets and technological tricks to make a pair. The skills of the worker who does the job are of crucial importance. These skills are of even greater importance when it comes to leather because it's a very delicate and demanding material. We are glad that, despite being located in Slovenia, we can offer you quality slippers at a reasonable price. Thank you for buying and wearing our slippers.