Nowadays, we live and work mostly in facilities that are relatively well heated during winter. This applies to pre-schools and schools, in particular. You have probably often noticed that your little one’s socks are wet from sweat. This is a result of their feet getting overheated in their footwear. Therefore, it is important for slippers to provide good ventilation. This can be achieved by using suitable materials for the upper parts, such as leather. However, our feet tend to perspire on the soles as well.





Often the soles of footwear are made of various synthetic materials (EVA, thermoplastic, polyurethane etc.) which are not breathable. We have solved this issue with a special technological procedure which provides ventilation through the soles, too.


This decreases sweating significantly and improves the conditions in the footwear which in turn contributes to better comfort and feeling. Through years of use we have tested our technological procedure well and our satisfied customers are come back to look for products with this special ventilation feature.

The special ventilation feature is available on marked products only.