Good footwear makes a lot of small details. Material selection, construction, modeling, technological innovations, etc... We have added memory foam, or as it is popularly known as memory foam, to our slippers for greater comfort. This highly elastic latex material is found in more expensive footwear, as well as in pillows and sleeping mattresses, and elsewhere. Especially where comfort tailored to the individual, the user, is to be achieved.

By wearing slippers that have memory foam, we leave an impression that this material "remembers". The insole is shaped according to the shape of the sole. This means that the more you wear the slippers, the more comfortable they are.



However, memory foam has many other good properties. It is breathable, which means that it is less hot in the footwear, as the foot can also be ventilated through the sole. It also absorbs moisture well when there is more of it and emits it when there is less moisture. The climate in the slippers is therefore much more pleasant.



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