Place the child's foot on a piece of paper. They should be wearing the socks they will usually wear while wearing slippers. Mark the distance between the heel and the end of the longest toe. Make sure the child's toes are stretched it is best if they stand up while you do the measuring. Now measure the distance between the two markings and add approx. 0.5cm (the width of an adult's finger) so the slippers will fit perfectly.


Look up the length of your child’s foot in the table and find the correct size.

Example: length 17cm = size 25–26EU (GB 8)

Since an extra of 0.5cm has already been taken into account, do not select a larger size as your child will have difficulties walking or their slippers will come off.



Children's feet grow extremely fast, especially during certain parts of the year, like summer. Therefore, footwear bought in autumn will be larger than one bought in summer. To be sure when you are selecting the size, please verify the size of your child’s feet before every purchase. Buying slippers that are too big or buying slippers for having a spare pair is not a good choice as your child will have difficulties walking or maybe the slippers might come off.

The same procedure can apply to adults. However, in most cases, this isn't necessary as we tend to know the size of our feet well.

Please note that the table on the screen and the print-out are not in 1:1 scale.


Information for use:

Our slippers are meant to be worn indoors and on dry floors such as tiles, parquet, laminate, and other wooden floors, textile floors, and floors made of synthetic materials. Harsh floors (concrete, asphalt, or any material like that) may cause permanent damage to the slippers, and are therefore not recommended. The slippers are also not intended to be used on wet floors.

We do not accept complaints for damage resulting from non-compliance with our instructions. 

Care instructions:

Slippers that are made from leather can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. As with all leather footwear, it isn't recommended to wash the slippers in a washing machine. Leather is a natural material that in combination with detergent and water that is too hot may release color, which causes it to fade, and the color released may become attached to other items in the washing machine.

If you decide to wash your slippers in the washing machine, then wash them separately using mild detergent and set the washing machine to a low temperature. Once dry, slippers washed in this manner will be somewhat stiffer depending on the amount of detergent you have used. With time the leather will become softer. Slippers made of textile can be washed in the washing machine at low temperatures using mild detergent. However, they should be washed separately. Do not dry wet slippers or footwear near sources of heat (radiators, stoves…). It is best to air dry them.

Washing your footwear too often is not recommended.