Nowadays, floors at home, in schools or in pre-schools are made of varius synthetic as well as natural materials. Friction between the floor and the soles, which determines how well you can slide, varies. Certain combinations have very good friction while others are very slippery. The preferences and needs of our costumers vary, too. For slippers to be used at home comfort comes firs, while those to be used by kids at a pre-school or school offer a better grip on the floor.

Our slippers have soles made of varius materials all of which are, at least to a small degree, suitable for use indoor. However, certain models have soles made of a combination of natural and synthetic rubber that contributes to a high level of abrasiveness. In this way we create slippers with minimal slipperiness which are also suitable for the most demanding indoor users.

Slippers with non-slippery soles are recommended for use especially in schools, pre-schools as well as at home. They are particularly suitable for high active kids and adults.

Only on products specificaly marked as providing this benefit.

Very important: slippers are not 100% non-slippery, because a lot of combinations floor materials