The human foot is a very complex part of our body made of 26 different bones connected through joints and ligaments. For proper movement while walking numerous muscles are involved. And these are the ones that have to be properly developed both in the period of one’s first steps and later. In the past, these muscles were “trained” by natural means as children used to run around barefoot at most times of the year.


Today, however, for various reasons —hygienic, health-related and aesthetic, this is no longer possible. It is for this reason that we have developed a sole that simulates or comes close to barefoot walking. The soles are intentionally very soft so that the three groups of muscles controlling the movement are involved as much as possible while walking. When stepping with a soft sole on an uneven floor you will feel how the muscles, unlike in regular footwear (shoes), take over control, become stronger and develop. Slippers with soft soles have all the functions regular slippers have. However, using this type of slippers your children develop the muscles of the feet more than in regular footwear with hard soles.


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