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Product descriptionAlways an elegant black and gold combination, suitable for all occasions at home. Watching TV, doing housework, as well as for the evening, if you want to dress up especially well before going to bed.
The non-slip micropore material sole is strong and tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of indoor flooring.
For greater comfort, we added memory foam, or as it is popularly called, memory foam, to the leather lining of the insole. Because the memory foam remembers the impression of your foot, the slippers will always be more comfortable, so the more you wear them, the better they will fit you.
The leather is of high quality and fashionable color combinations. To prevent your feet from getting hot, we have added two vents in the upper part that drain moisture from the slipper. You will feel comfortable in them even when the temperatures around you are higher.
DeVian quality.
The shade of the color of the slipper may differ from the product in the picture!