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Product descriptionOur feet are very different, some are constantly cold, others sweat. In addition, we now live and work in well-heated rooms where the temperature is too high rather than cold. The same thing happens with children's feet. If you've ever noticed damp socks when you put on your baby's slippers, it's a sign that he's hot. Children's air slippers are designed for just such feet. They are made of technologically sophisticated textiles that are full of holes. Such textiles can be found on many types of footwear, especially sports ones. The leg is thus intensively ventilated through the upper part. The insole is made of leather, and we added a non-slip sole that is also breathable. More than enough to wear the slippers very comfortably even for a long time, you could say that they are excellent slippers for kindergarten.
The toes of the slippers are very stressed due to movement, so we added leather to this part. This will keep the toes in the slippers.
The color shade of the slipper may differ from the product in the picture!


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